• Services

    providing you with the data you need at every stage of your project

    Front End Research

    Whether you are planning an exhibition, program, or digital experience, I can help you learn from your visitors about their interests and needs. What do potential participants already know? What are they interested in? What do they find compelling? Services include visitor and non-visitor surveys or interviews, focus groups, title testing, or price sensitivity testing.

    Prototyping, User Testing

    Thinking of doing something new or untested? Prototyping can help ensure that the experience functions as intended and can give you an early read on whether you are likely to achieve your desired outcomes. Services include observations, think-alouds, or usability testing.

    Summative Evaluation

    Once your project is up and running, there is the opportunity to understand its impact. Were you successful at meeting your goals? What worked well? Where is there room for improvement? Services include surveys, interviews, timing and tracking, observations, or Personal Meaning Mapping

    Market Research

    Who are your visitors? Why do they visit? What do they do during their visit? What do they think of your museum? Who isn’t coming to your museum and why? Through visitor and non-visitor surveys, focus groups, or analysis of existing data, I can help answer questions about who you are (or aren’t) serving.